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Freedom Art Rebel Studios

Meet Freedom Art Rebel Studios- the powerhouse of creativity in animation and music. Our team of passionate creators is dedicated to bringing original, never-before-seen content to life. With years of experience in their fields, our team members possess the skills and vision to deliver works that are both imaginative and transformative. Experience the magic of our creations today!

Bring the Freedom to Art

Meet The Rebels

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are a team of creative masterminds that are dedicated to crafting original and groundbreaking content like never before. From mind-bending animations to heart-pumping music, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what you have seen before. With our passion for creativity and innovation, we bring to life the stories that captivate an audience. Join us in breaking free from the norm and experiencing something truly unforgettable.


Upcoming Projects

Completed Projects



Art Jam June 2023*
*Spoilers at the end


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